letter z bookshelf

Making the letter Z

It’s made of 3 large elements and a few smaller ones. Spruce and pine, some pieces were supposed to be ebony stained. But when I finished cutting them I noticed there were too many knots in them and probably the stain wouldn’t soak in properly.

It is upcycled wood, commercial pallets, completely different size than euro pallets.

17 pieces of wood and 39 screws were used to build this project. There are 4 castors attached by 4 screws each, these screws are not included!

It seems to be very sturdy. Very happy with how this came out! There is one splinter that is being glued right now. When it’s done, the light sanding is next and then the final step – applying the coat of varnish. Can’t wait for the colours to show up!

1st coat of varnish, the colours are getting revealed.

The 2nd coat was applied. I have a headache already because of the smell of varnish. But this bookshelf looks amazing!

Light sanding and the final, 3rd coat of varnish. Done!

My daughter loves it!

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