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glass upcycling

The inner edges

The sanding starts from 240 grit. Coarse sandpaper, like 120 and lower, would only cause chipping. These small sanding bands come only in a very few grits, so I actually don’t have too much choice. The 240 one is followed by 400 grit. Cleaning the bands is necessary. This little brush does the job perfectly. …

glass upcycling

Oil bottles

This wasn’t the first attempt to cut these square oil bottles. I’ve been using this oil for a while for 2 reasons – it is good oil and of course to get the bottles themselves. Surprisingly this time I successfully cut all of them! No rejects! I didn’t remove the labels because it had always …

diyed upcycled marking knife
tools upcycling

Marking knife

It is always a good idea to have one and it is very satisfying to make one! All you need is a knife that is about to end in a bin. And some tools. Cut and prepared for polishing. The knife doesn’t have to be insanely sharp. It’s just a marking knife, single bevel because I’m …

budget thickness sander
tools wood

Budget thickness sander

Its capacity is 60 x 5 cm (width x height). This should be OK for the most of my future projects, however, there is an easy way to increase these dimensions. Nuts showed in the picture below will be replaced by butterfly wing nuts in the coming days, these were just easier to get at …

letter z bookshelf

Making the letter Z

It’s made of 3 large elements and a few smaller ones. Spruce and pine, some pieces were supposed to be ebony stained. But when I finished cutting them I noticed there were too many knots in them and probably the stain wouldn’t soak in properly. It is upcycled wood, commercial pallets, completely different size than …

letter k

Making the letter K

I think it looks great above the fireplace. Very original and unique. Way better than a mirror or a cheap picture. The pieces are joined by glue and pocket screws. Sanded and ebony stained. Very soft in touch. The wood grain texture is nicely exposed, the stain was wiped off just after application. It is …