It didn’t start as a project. I was just going to try my new hole saw, I had some spruce wood to try it on. Just in case I took a coping saw with me.

Drilling the holes followed by some cutting.

It was looking promising so I did some sanding with my “drum sander”. I also sanded other sides of the block.

Now was the time to start building the base. Cut and sanded then finished on my router table, using 2 bits.

Gluing together.

Applying a few coats of wipe-on poly. The colour I’m getting is yellowish. Some light sanding with very fine sandpaper (#320) followed by another few coats.

This pictures shows the pith of the tree, normally this type of timber would be discarded, but not this time and not by me. Upcycling has its own rules.

I’m very happy with both how it holds wine bottles and the sunlight this morning, this is very enjoyable to get some rays in a cold, winter morning.

Cheers everybody!