To make the board I used pallet wood. Planks were cut in half, then rip cut to width.

The board was cut to length on a table saw and that was followed by sanding. I left some saw marks and a couple of stains.

I used a homemade wood dye (vinegar + steel wool) to age the board. Then I used spray paint to darken the edges.

Always using the right screwdriver for the job, no matter how small the job, or the screwdriver is. PZ1 is small.

Cutting MDF with a jigsaw couldn’t be postponed endlessly. It was done upside down and got me a very clean cut. I did some sanding anyway. Especially rounding the top edges with fine sandpaper completely changed the look of the MDF.

Some elements were sanded all at once to get exactly the same shape.

Finishing the handle from the inside was tricky, I used my drum sanding kit, rasps and sandpaper to get it done.

Wood glue was used to fix the MDF to the board. Heavy items and clamps caused some squeeze-out, something that I was trying to avoid. The only way to clean the glue was to wait an hour or so, take off the clamps and use a pocket knife to cut it off. It worked very well.

I drilled holes in the wall and hung it next to the drawer-like display case.