I used an old toilet seat – yes … a toilet seat … to make the sign. The plan was simple: contact adhesive for the print and the smallest router bit for the lettering. Once the routing was finished I removed the paper and used black spray paint to cover the grooves. One, heavy, dripping coat did the job.

Once sanded it looked a little better:

I used my jigsaw to cut out the arrow shape and then moved to my sanding station to smooth out the edges.

I also prepared the aluminium tube which involved cutting, grinding, drilling holes and countersinking them. Also the stop pin was installed.

I was really happy with how brilliant that idea was! The stand I used was also a bike stand – when not in use with my bike I could use it for my “Where am I” sign.

I used yacht varnish for the finish. This sign won’t be exposed to rain but a lot of sun – applied coats will help for sure.

It’s a message to a postman or an unexpected guest – follow the sign – I’m in the garden.