Buying, drinking, cutting and polishing – several steps to get a perfect flower pot. Very unique and rare. A perfect gift for someone you care about.

First thing to do was to score a line with my homemade jig. Then the usual – cold and boiling water to crack the glass.

Sanding the outside edges came next. First the top and when I used the 220 grit I sanded the bevel for the first time. Up to the 3000 grit.

As always the next step was to install my drum sander. I used 240, 400 and 600 grit sanding bands. Cleaned with a nylon brush from time to time.

Then came the green drum (#1500) and the blue polishing compound applied to a felt disc.

And that was it – I moved to the kitchen to wash the glass with hot water and washing up liquid.

Once dried it was time to admire, enjoy and of course – to give it away! All these beautiful details for someone who deserves a perfect gift!