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Garden hose stand

It’s usually an arch that supports the hose, but in my build I’m using 2 rounded bars. I am hoping that there won’t be any kinks and dents in the hose and the whole construction will last for years. Once I had all the timber cut to size I used my hole saw to remove …

glass upcycling

Polish vodka bottle cut

This vodka is the best and the most famous Polish vodka. It’s yummy, which is quite unusual! Bittersweet, herbal taste. I remembered to remove the cap during the “glass cracking” part. I must say the first (buying + drinking) and the second part (cutting + cracking) of the project went very smooth. The cut glass …


Gallows lamp

3 pieces of wood and 4 dowels were used in this project. The length of the arm was approximately a half of the dining table, so the light could spread evenly throughout the top. I started with cutting the tenon on my table saw and then shaping the other end of that arm. To minimize …


Cocktail tabouret

Made of 6 pieces of wood, dowels not included. Angles are 45° and 60°. Quite simple construction but the 60° angles had to be cut very precisely. I started with cutting all the pieces to length, and then I cut little grooves to the top pieces. Initially I was going to use dowels and glue, …

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Mini table saw sledge

A must have jig for every woodworker. Due to the limited storage space I decided to build a mini version, with only one, but adjustable runner. I used plywood from my router table top as it wasn’t used very often. First I removed all the plastic caps and then the screws. Using my straight line …

glass upcycling

Cut Kahlua bottle

Buying, drinking, cutting and polishing – several steps to get a perfect flower pot. Very unique and rare. A perfect gift for someone you care about. First thing to do was to score a line with my homemade jig. Then the usual – cold and boiling water to crack the glass. Sanding the outside edges …