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USB LED lamp

This lamp replaced my x-mas lights in a bottle one, as it simply burned out after 2 ½ years of use. The project involved cutting a new bottle and making a wooden base for it. The old bottle finished its life in a recycling bin, it was time to try alternative methods and approaches to …


Simple picture frame

In general, that was a very simple project. Setting the blade to 90º and the mitre gauge to 45º took some time as that had to be done precisely. Once the setup was done, the cutting and gluing were quite straightforward. I lightly clamped the frame with a strap clamp, using very little force and …



Just another wall decoration, but if there is nothing complicated in cutting the timber or if the wood joints are simple – the finish has to differentiate the project from many others. In this case these are the colours and beautifully exposed grain. The thunderbolt comprises only 2 blocks of timber deliberately divided with 2 …


Large round planter

They are quite expensive to buy and relatively easy to make. Since I could purchase cut to length timber, that fitted into my boot at a good price I took up the challenge to make a wooden planter. I got 18 pieces of timber, 529 x 97 x 40 mm cut from 2 full lengths …



This was the last job for my chain saw as it was sold the very next day. Initially I was trying to use a reciprocating saw to make these cuts, but eventually the tool of choice was something more violent, something that leaves deeper saw marks. Cutting and carving at the same time. I made …

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Finger joint jig

This is just an attachment for my table saw sledge, it can’t be used on its own. It’s made of scrap, unused and upcycled materials. Very cheap to make and didn’t take much time. It was one of these jigs that had to be made sooner or later as it is a quite essential addition …