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glass upcycling

Purple portable lamp

This project is a remake of something that was made earlier and wasn’t used too much. It was called a bottleneck vessel and was made of an old champagne bottle. Cutting and polishing the bottle was briefly explained in that post, so I can now focus on part 2 of the making. The easiest way …


Jigsaw cabriole legs

This base has 2 cabriole legs in the front and 2 regular legs at the back. It’s made that way because only the front ones will be visible. That was a project which I postponed for a long time, looking for the right tool for the job. The most obvious choice would be a band …

tools wood

Mini shooting board

Never mind its look, because it’s made from scraps. It works great, though, and even if it’s not made from very durable materials, it should last for a while. I wanted to see if I need one, and how does it improve my work? I used MDF, plywood and some off-cuts to make it. All …


3-handled crate

A couple of years ago I made a panel that served as a simple shelf hidden from human sight. It was made of pallet wood, that’s why I double-checked for embedded stones and metal again. I liked the texture of the wood, visible glue squeeze-out and all stains, but for that project, it had to …


Traditional shelf

Classic, timeless and elegant look, plus of course only 2 screws required to hang it on the wall. Less mess and quicker installation, that includes dust and noise generated during drilling in concrete. I added some trims to the project to balance the simplicity and cover the nail holes. There were 2 nails used in …

bosch professional gbl 18V-120 blower

Back-to-school tools, edition 2021

This year, 2021, is about going cordless, at least for me. Many tools and appliances at my household have been changed from noisy and corded to quiet cordless ones. But the noise wasn’t the main reason I did some upgrades. Portability and ease of use, which often means no preparation before the job. In the …