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Valentine’s Day tools, edition 2023

Let me present and quickly review 3 tools, that clearly have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, but coincidentally are being reviewed that day, which explains the title. They may be recommended for tool lovers, that’s the only connection between them and that feeling. These are tools from Bosch, Axminster and Stanley – one each, …

upcycling wood

Set of trivet trays

A segmented, end-grain bamboo chopping board, that cracked along a few lines, couldn’t be used in the kitchen anymore, but it could be cut into smaller pieces and reused. This set of 2 trays is the last part of a bigger project, there were 3 other attempts, successful ones, at upcycling this chopping board. I’ve …


Utility stool

I built this stool especially for storing my linisher and a few buckets of paint underneath. Getting the most from the storage space I had was my goal as I was running out of ideas on where to keep all the paint. These buckets are usually the same height and all I needed was a …


Swing arm wall lamp

This lamp is custom-sized and both wooden parts have specific lengths. The base is long enough to bypass the steel bar embedded in the lintel that sits below. The other part – the arm – moves the light source away from the mounting point and provides enough support for a lampshade. The light is placed …