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MDF box

I’ve always wanted to give those corners a shot and see how they perform. I still had some scrap material to build them from and also I had a 6 mm MDF board (1/4″) that was perfect for the walls and the bottom. The corners looked a little complex to build, but when all the …


Circus flautist

It’s like addiction, making these heads of The Wall Heads series. There was no plan for this one, just a blurred vision that changed a few times during the build. It’s got its name because it looks like a flute and it uses colours of a clown’s make-up. I started with drilling holes, eyes were …

Proxxon 28092 Scroll Saw

New Year tools, edition 2021

Let me present 2 tools that I bought recently and which are a handy-dandy addition to my tool collection. They make my work easier, faster and more precise. Also, when it comes to cleaning – it takes less time. Speed and ease. Proxxon 28092 Scroll Saw was bought because of 2 reasons – one – …


Sycamore coasters

That sycamore (maple) tree was cut in late 2018. I saved a couple of logs, split in half with an axe on a site. I’ve never considered to mill them into boards just because they’re so irregular and I’d need a jig, or a fixture, to cut them with a bandsaw. They seemed to be …

tools wood

Horizontal belt sanding station

It works just like a vertical belt sander, that has a tool rest, or a small tilting table, except for my sanding station is horizontal and the tool rest doesn’t tilt. It always stays at 90º angle and it’s rather quite big for a rest. On the other hand is relatively small for a table. …



Yet another project from the series of The Wall Heads. This one is simple, it has a mustache and a beard. No hair though, thus the name – Egghead. I really like making them, they’re very original and let me practice skills, create projects with no plans (on the go) and upcycle an expendable hardware. …

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