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Night light

It’s built with scrap and pallet wood, exactly the way I like to build. That oak timber was bought to make frame splines and the mild steel was rejected from another project, which was a mitre gauge bar replacement. The pallet wood comes from a pallet I brought years ago. Nonetheless, all 3 pieces seemed …


Map of Europe

I’ve always been charmed by the simplicity of halftone images and loved the optical illusion they make. There are many free online tools that you can use to convert any image to a halftone one. I got the best results with converting a low-resolution political map which gave me an inconsistent and irregular sequence of …

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Shackle jacket rack

It is built to only hang 4 working clothes: a jacket, trousers, a hoodie and a t-shirt. Scrap wood and old but never used shackles were used for this project. For some reason the original shackle pin was smaller than the M8 bolt, it was 7.3 mm in diameter whereas the bolt was 7.7 mm. …

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Circular saw jig

It’s made of OSB, steel and spruce timber. Simple and stiff construction, ideal for cutting long pieces of timber such as skirting boards. Cutting at 2 angles: 45 and 90º made easy. First thing to do was to trim the board to length. It was an easy job for my recently bought circular saw. 4 …


Gallows lamp

3 pieces of wood and 4 dowels were used in this project. The length of the arm was approximately a half of the dining table, so the light could spread evenly throughout the top. I started with cutting the tenon on my table saw and then shaping the other end of that arm. To minimize …


Cocktail tabouret

Made of 6 pieces of wood, dowels not included. Angles are 45° and 60°. Quite simple construction but the 60° angles had to be cut very precisely. I started with cutting all the pieces to length, and then I cut little grooves to the top pieces. Initially I was going to use dowels and glue, …