Getting the most of the storage space I have. This platform will be used for storing paint and it will be placed just above the lawn mower. These will be the legs:

They will be supported by 2 bars going across, front and back of the unit.

The next day started with sanding and preparing for the pocket holes.

I used screws for outdoor use just because I had to get rid of them. The platform will  never be exposed to the rain, but those screws were under my feet.

Front and back supporting bars were next.

Top – cutting, sanding and attaching.

Admiring my work.

In its place, before and after loading.

And of course the lawn mover. It fits perfectly, no space is wasted. That was the plan.

I had to take it back to the shed and apply some wood oil.

Thick coat was applied with a broken paintbrush – use what you have!

The excess oil was wiped off with a clean cloth. This is the top of the platform:

… and the bottom:

I wish it held all of the colour after wiping off, but unfortunately it lost most of its colour and protective properties. It is still OK for an indoor use.