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Display frame shelf

This shelf can be called a 3D picture frame, picture frame shelf, picture shadow box shelf etc, etc… In my case finding the right name is even more confusing as this one was built like a drawer. Anyway, I started the build by cutting the board to a rough size. I made a temporary fence …

glass upcycling

Advocaat bottle cut

Thick and heavy glass, perfect addition to my handmade collection. It’s actually the first glass with labels and this makes it so special. After I cracked the bottle with boiling and cold water I had to remove some material with a glass cutter. Then came the sanding – from 40 to 3000 grit. Outside first, …


5-hole wooden vent cover

The main challenge to design and build this one was its shape and its function. It had to cover a not-so-square hole and there had to be 2 cables going through the board with their large, UK plugs. I built it square and simple (unlike the hole beneath it). I didn’t use my table saw …

Bosch GTS 10J Professional

Autumn tools, edition 2019

The most important upgrade to my “shed shop” this year was the new table saw Bosch GTS 10J Professional. I’d watched tons of YouTube videos and read thousands of reviews prior to buying this one. I must say I like this saw! It’s easy to move it from place to place, it’s easy to clean …

tools upcycling

Vertical sundial

For this project I used some scrap steel roofing sheet. It only looked bad but in fact it had protective film on it. A couple days prior to that build I printed out the template and tested it. I was very happy with its accuracy. No astronomical knowledge was needed as all the work was …

tools wood

Circular saw jig

(The post Improved circular saw jig can be found here) It’s made of OSB, steel and spruce timber. Simple and stiff construction, ideal for cutting long pieces of timber such as skirting boards. Cutting at 2 angles: 45 and 90º made easy. The first thing to do was to trim the board to length. It …