Glass,  Upcycling

Polish vodka bottle cut

This vodka is the best and the most famous Polish vodka. It’s yummy, which is quite unusual! Bittersweet, herbal taste.

I remembered to remove the cap during the “glass cracking” part. I must say the first (buying + drinking) and the second part (cutting + cracking) of the project went very smoothly. The cut glass looks nice and it’s symmetrical and round rather than oval and uneven. When I moved to the third part, which was polishing I made a couple of mistakes that had to be reworked. First things first. Sanding with coarse sandpaper was followed by a final sanding. I cleaned my discs with a plastic wine cork so they could look like new again.

Sanding inside was next and the mandrel slipped and damaged the surface. I tried to hide that by re-sanding with 600 grit sanding bands but it wasn’t enough. Light scratches remained … I attempted to fix that with my felt cone and some polishing compound. I achieved 90% of what I wanted.

I ordered another cotton polishing mop and used it with cerium oxide. It worked very well, however, it left some mess, especially on the floor.

There are microscopic scratches left in one spot, but if you don’t know where to look you will never know. I’m very happy with how I was able to rescue this project from disaster. It took a little longer than expected to complete but the glass looks really nice and I’m sure I’m gonna use it quite often. I used my half-log stand to take pictures.

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