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upcycling wood

Catchall tray

The tray is made from off-cuts and scrap wood, sized for storing keys, a wallet and other items that I keep in my pockets throughout the day. The way it’s all cut and glued up together will allow the tray fibres to move freely with moisture changes, there are no self-destructive, tearing-apart forces predicted to …

glass upcycling

Skull candle

It used to be a Halloween skull-shaped candle, filled with scented wax and designed to burn for a certain period of time. I knew from day 1, that this candle would be given a second life, if not as a flower pot then something else. The choice was eventually made and from a candle, it …

tools upcycling wood


This mace isn’t just a decoration – it can become a weapon if necessary. It is a useful piece of art, dual-purpose. Heaven forbid that it should ever be used as a weapon, in a fight or self-defence, but having an option is always appreciated. Just in case – as they say. I converted my …

upcycling wood

Medieval shield

This is a decorative shield, convex and relatively light – just like a real one except it can’t be used in a battle because it’s not equipped with straps for holding it. It’s made from a single 1″ x 7″ x 16′ softwood board (19 x 170 mm x 4.8 m), stained, its edges are …