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Black & Decker CS2245

X-mas tools, edition 2018

Fiskars X21 (splitting) and Fiskars X7 (universal) axes have fibreglass reinforced plastic handles which are stronger than wooden handles. They can keep going without any problems. The axe heads are integrated into the handles and will not come off. Additionally, the handles absorb vibrations and increase grip and comfort during use. The quality is great …


Coffee wall art

To make the board I used pallet wood. Planks were cut in half, then rip cut to width. The board was cut to length on a table saw and that was followed by sanding. I left some saw marks and a couple of stains. I used a homemade wood dye (vinegar + steel wool) to …

tools wood

Shed shelves

I needed some place to store my timber and plywood/MDF sheets. Something quite small, to save space in the shed and big enough to accommodate a 4′ x 2′ sheet. All elements were fixed inside the shed except for the one that I started with. I didn’t have an extra hand so I improvised with …


Low stand

Scrap plywood was used to build the box. First I cut everything to width and length. Then I set the blade to 45º and removed the corners from all 4 pieces. The glue-up wans’t as easy as I expected. My corner clamps were too big for this project and I had to do some overlapping. …

glass upcycling

Cognac glass

Cutting the bottle was easy and fast. Additionally, when I was cracking the bottle with boiling and cold water, the labels came off themselves. Didn’t expect that. Sanding with 40 grit sandpaper was next. It was a good idea to clean the sandpaper with a little brush. Rough edges were slowly transformed into smooth and …

glass upcycling

Champagne bottle

In order to cut the bottle in the middle of its neck, I had to keep the bottle upside down. It’s shown in this post (Slim flower vase) how difficult it is to get access to the bottleneck when the bottle is in upright position. That setup had some limitations, however, it was useful for …