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tools upcycling

Tape holder

Its body was made from a plastic pipe, that was part of an intake/exhaust gas boiler shaft. However, not its origin, but its diameter was more important to me, the pipe could go inside the masking tape roll and surprisingly it could store some insulation tapes inside. The scrap pipe I had was too long, …


Two-chimney tiny house

I have to admit that this miniature house is a replica of a project I found on the Internet. According to one of the sources (social media), this little house is made by architect Leif Larsen from Denmark and the original is 8 cm high. My version is slightly different and almost 3 times bigger …


Metal paper plane

I only guess that everyone would like to ask a question: “Does it fly?”. Just in case if anyone does – I haven’t tried. It could and probably would fall down, leaving scratches on the painted surface. It would be also too dangerous for anyone around. It wasn’t my intention to build a weapon, I …


Set of 2 drawers

That set was an upgrade to the existing project – a nightstand that I made sometime in the past. There was some unused storage space left in between those 2 tiers and I had to change that. One of the solutions to the problem was a conversion to a cabinet by simply adding panels and …


Wooden Polish flag

Earlier that summer I made a set of oversized mouldings, that could be used in many applications. Due to their size and shape, they could find some use as structural elements, for example, legs, corner connectors etc. or as decorative mouldings. They were strong, straight and thick, also the grain was almost knot-free. All they …


Birch plywood bookcase

The jigsaw cabriole legs couldn’t wait forever for their second half. Sooner or later I had to have that bookcase finished, all I needed was the proper material to start the project. I couldn’t find any good plywood locally so I ordered it online. Cut to size and surprisingly at a good price too. There …