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3-handled crate

A couple of years ago I made a panel that served as a simple shelf hidden from human sight. It was made of pallet wood, that’s why I double-checked for embedded stones and metal again. I liked the texture of the wood, visible glue squeeze-out and all stains, but for that project, it had to …


Traditional shelf

Classic, timeless and elegant look, plus of course only 2 screws required to hang it on the wall. Less mess and quicker installation, that includes dust and noise generated during drilling in concrete. I added some trims to the project to balance the simplicity and cover the nail holes. There were 2 nails used in …

bosch professional gbl 18V-120 blower

Back-to-school tools, edition 2021

This year, 2021, is about going cordless, at least for me. Many tools and appliances at my household have been changed from noisy and corded to quiet cordless ones. But the noise wasn’t the main reason I did some upgrades. Portability and ease of use, which often means no preparation before the job. In the …


Double shelf

All the materials I used for this project were reclaimed. That includes the steel bar – a part of a broken quick-release clamp. A quite simple and minimalistic shelf, made of 2 boards and 2 brackets, yet unique and original. Rounded corners make the difference, a few extra moments spent on making can be clearly …


Table saw stand

It has the proper height for my table saw, which gives me 874 mm (34 13/32 inches) from the floor to the top of the saw. It’s a heavy-duty and heavyweight construction, made from upcycled material and put together using glue, screws and braces. I had to prepare the timber before cutting, remove nails, embedded …


2-4-6-8 block

It’s a replica of a project I viewed recently in an online art gallery, the original one was made of concrete, and it was quite expensive to buy. I used different material and also painted all 4 sides and the back. The way I see this piece of art determined the name I made up …