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glass upcycling

Neckless Cointreau bottle

Using a rotary tool to cut glass had not been attempted in my workshop before that project. I had always used a glass cutter and dipped the workpiece alternately in icy and boiling water. That method worked okay, but it was quite unpredictable, with a failure rate of roughly 50 per cent, which meant that …

glass upcycling

Skull candle

It used to be a Halloween skull-shaped candle, filled with scented wax and designed to burn for a certain period of time. I knew from day 1, that this candle would be given a second life, if not as a flower pot then something else. The choice was eventually made and from a candle, it …

glass upcycling

Krupnik Old Liqueur glass

This liqueur is one of my favourites, it comes in a redesigned bottle now that is perfect for drinking glasses and other containers – like flower vases. The front label is easy to remove but the back one requires white spirit to come off. As always, I cut the bottle with my jig and once …

glass upcycling

Purple portable lamp

This project is a remake of something that was made earlier and wasn’t used too much. It was called a bottleneck vessel and was made of an old champagne bottle. Cutting and polishing the bottle was briefly explained in that post, so I can now focus on part 2 of the making. The easiest way …

glass upcycling

Cranberry lamp

Indeed, it looks like cranberries in a bottle, it’s even a cranberry liqueur bottle. Coincidence? – I don’t think so. The contents determined the LED string colour, it could be anything, but for this project, I used red lights. I simply drilled a hole for the LED string, installed a grommet and plugged the lamp …

glass upcycling wood

Gin bottle lamp

This is continuation of my latest project – square gin bottle cut – largely about woodworking as the glass was already cut and ready to go. With the right tool, which was my new bandsaw, cutting the base was easy and accurate. I cut it just outside the line and removed the rest of the …