Glass,  Upcycling

Krupnik Old Liqueur glass

This liqueur is one of my favourites, it comes in a redesigned bottle now that is perfect for drinking glasses and other containers – like flower vases. The front label is easy to remove but the back one requires white spirit to come off. As always, I cut the bottle with my jig and once the line is scored, I alternately pour boiling and cold water over it and it cracks. I use jars, oil bottles, wine bottles and everything else – square, round, it doesn’t matter. As long as the line is scored straight, there’s a big chance that it’ll crack as planned. The average project takes about 2 hours to complete, the method of dry sanding that I use is rather slow but doesn’t involve any expensive machinery and tools. In the past I used a battery-operated combi drill clamped to the workbench, it was replaced by a corded drill and now I’m using a drill press. Any source of torque will do. It’s slow and it has to be slow to not melt the velcro pads.

I started by using my 90º horizontal jig, but for some reason, it was wobbling and I used just the drill press alone – laid flat on the workbench. Surprisingly it worked very well, was comfortable and I was able to use the pillar as arm support. No need for a jig. As always, I started with a 40-grit disc and finished with 2500. Next, I used 25 mm sanding drums (1 inch) starting from 250 and ending with 600 grit.

The last sanding sleeve was initially used at low RPMs and next, I turned the knob to the maximum to smooth out the inner edge. I can’t even confirm that this trick works, but I like to believe it does. It is supposed to create an ultra-smooth edge with a limited number of grits. Next, I installed a felt disc and applied a polishing compound to it. That gave the rim a beautiful sheen. The last accessory used was a buffing mop, mainly used as a rapid dirt remover, to speed up the cleaning process. I really don’t think it buffs anything out.

The front label was easy to remove, but the back one needed some white spirit and rubbing. I washed the glass with warm water and it was good to go. A very nice little glass with a capacity of around 350 ml (almost 12 fl. oz.). Nicely finished and can be a perfect present for any occasion.