Upcycling & DIY


Sycamore obelisk

This piece of wood has gone a long way from a tree, through a log and finished as timber. I still remember that sycamore tree growing in my backyard. It was cut down and I saved a couple of logs for future projects – the rest ended as firewood. Before I put those logs away, …


Wooden head

Power carving is about noise, dust and turning wood into art fast. The progress is quick and gives much satisfaction. It’s easier with cordless tools as they offer more freedom in moving from one spot to another. Especially a cordless angle grinder equipped with a carving disc may be very helpful. There are many carving …

tools upcycling

Tape holder

Its body was made from a plastic pipe, that was part of an intake/exhaust gas boiler shaft. However, not its origin, but its diameter was more important to me, the pipe could go inside the masking tape roll and surprisingly it could store some insulation tapes inside. The scrap pipe I had was too long, …