Upcycling & DIY


Frenchy corbel

It’s got its name because of the 2 accents traced with the use of a French curve and burnt on its sides. Also, its base and the top have some curves in their edges to complete the overall look. It’s made of 3 bigger pieces of softwood and a few plywood spacers. No fancy joinery, …

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PVC storage bins

Made from an old PVC downpipe and scraps of chipboard. I made a few small containers in one go, utilising the whole downpipe off-cut I had. There’s always a need to organise something in the workshop and improve workflow and these containers surely help. Of course, there is also an idea I can’t resist – …

upcycling wood

70-degree table

I’ve always needed 2 coffee tables, one of them had to be more portable than the other and that determined its size and weight. This is the secondary one, when not in use, can be pushed away and partially nested into my bookcase. Its shape and height are carefully chosen and designed to slide into …