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Light-duty rustic shelf

It was built to make use of unused space behind my bandsaw. There was another shelf there in the past, which left a couple of ready-to-go holes, already drilled and fitted with wall plugs. I only had to buy some brackets and cut a board to size. I had some pallet wood boards lying around …


Finger joint tray

A simple organizer, used mostly for storing personal protective equipment like work gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection. That determined its size, but also or maybe most importantly it had to fit under the shelving unit. I was very excited to try out the jig and the glue with a longer clamping time. First I …

glass upcycling wood

Gin bottle lamp

This is continuation of my latest project – square gin bottle cut – largely about woodworking as the glass was already cut and ready to go. With the right tool, which was my new bandsaw, cutting the base was easy and accurate. I cut it just outside the line and removed the rest of the …


No-nonsense shelf

Made of scrap material, same batch was used for a couple of other projects, like the bath mat or the plant stand. The timber was the right length and that way I just had to sand it. I only used 40 and 80 grit discs as it was supposed to be a shelf for tools …


Whoa-O Cacao

Out of nowhere it’s turning into a series of heads, or whatever it may be called. There is already one on the wall, I call it Bandit, this one is the 2nd, and another project is underway. They are always made as I go, without any plans, maybe just with a blurred vision in my …