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3-handled crate

A couple of years ago I made a panel that served as a simple shelf hidden from human sight. It was made of pallet wood, that’s why I double-checked for embedded stones and metal again. I liked the texture of the wood, visible glue squeeze-out and all stains, but for that project, it had to …


Traditional shelf

Classic, timeless and elegant look, plus of course only 2 screws required to hang it on the wall. Less mess and quicker installation, that includes dust and noise generated during drilling in concrete. I added some trims to the project to balance the simplicity and cover the nail holes. There were 2 nails used in …


Double shelf

All the materials I used for this project were reclaimed. That includes the steel bar – a part of a broken quick-release clamp. A quite simple and minimalistic shelf, made of 2 boards and 2 brackets, yet unique and original. Rounded corners make the difference, a few extra moments spent on making can be clearly …


Table saw stand

It has the proper height for my table saw, which gives me 874 mm (34 13/32 inches) from the floor to the top of the saw. It’s a heavy-duty and heavyweight construction, made from upcycled material and put together using glue, screws and braces. I had to prepare the timber before cutting, remove nails, embedded …


2-4-6-8 block

It’s a replica of a project I viewed recently in an online art gallery, the original one was made of concrete, and it was quite expensive to buy. I used different material and also painted all 4 sides and the back. The way I see this piece of art determined the name I made up …

tools wood

Simple weathervane

It’s made from scrap dowels, scrap metal handle and a toolbox divider. If there was need to cut wood, I used a hand saw. The arrow was built first and tested for a couple of weeks, using a temporary stand. It worked great, and I decided to make a proper mount for it. Coincidentally, I …