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2-tier bedside table

Timber that I selected for the top and the shelf wasn’t high quality, boards were cupped and full of loose knots. That had to be worked out somehow. On the other hand, the timber used for legs, apron and lower shelf support was good to go straight away. The only joinery used in this project …


Tree stump platform

A quick project that took just over an hour to complete, and was rather spontaneous than planned. The materials I used were pallet wood for the top, scrap pressure treated wood for the beams and a single piece of scrap, kiln dried timber for the levelling block. I cut everything with a hand saw, and …


Fruit crate

This project is a classic approach to making crates, just a couple of boards, simple joinery and a quick finish. These crates are widely used for storing fruits, but not only. A traditional look was something I needed for this project, nothing over-engineered and easy to make. I made a couple of mistakes during this …


Garden sink

A plastic bucket, a short piece of garden hose and a wooden base create a garden sink, a thing that I urgently needed to stop wasting water. Plumbing and woodworking skills were used to make this project. Preparing the bucket was more challenging than the woodworking part, as plumbing isn’t my favourite thing, and usually, …


Ammo box

I’ve always wanted to make one of these, they have a classic, timeless look and can be used for anything. The bottom of this box is attached flat to the sides, using screws. I’ve never liked that and most of my projects use a different approach – bottoms are secured from sides or rest on …


Toilet sign

Using a scroll saw was never easy for me. I find it complicated and tricky, but I don’t give up and do some practising from time to time. MDF scraps seem to be the best for this purpose. I printed out a template and fixed it on the board with contact adhesive. It’s always easy …