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box joint jig router table
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Box joint jig

This box joint jig (also called a finger joint jig) is made from reclaimed wood and a strap hinge. This project involved making a carriage and cutting slots in the router table. To be honest I didn’t expect it to be that challenging. First slot is slightly too wide (I’m working on the solution), but …

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Table saw push block

If you want to buy a push block it can be quite expensive. I had some scrap material so I decided to make one myself and save some money. That was the first time I used my hole saw set. No power tools used during sanding. To make sure it is nice in touch I …

table saw tray with castors
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Table saw tray

Its purpose is to facilitate putting the saw back in place after use and to move it with ease around the shed. Steel and wood along with 4 castors make the frame. Quick planing first. Cutting to length. Drilling holes in wood and metal. Making sure everything is square. Temporary M8 bolt and socket wrench …

table saw bosch pts 10

X-mas tools, edition 2017

Katsu 800 W air blower. It helps to clean my tools without any effort. It’s quick and powerful. Blowing speed can by adjusted also the unit can be transformed into a hoover. Table saw Bosch PTS 10. Powerful 1400 W motor with soft-start and quick-stop for a safer job with less vibration. It is equipped …

upcycling wood

Paint storage platform

Getting the most out of the storage space I have. This platform will be used for storing paint and it will be placed just above the lawn mower. These will be the legs: They will be supported by 2 bars across the unit’s front and back. The next day started with sanding and preparing for …


Leaning bookcase

I decided to prepare the wood prior to cutting. Planing wasn’t working for some reason. Sanding with 40 and 150 grit sandpaper was the thing to do. It worked. Some elements were sanded in groups but mostly one by one. Cleaning the shed at the end of day one. This 4 tier leaning bookcase was meant …