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PVC storage bins

Made from an old PVC downpipe and scraps of chipboard. I made a few small containers in one go, utilising the whole downpipe off-cut I had. There’s always a need to organise something in the workshop and improve workflow and these containers surely help. Of course, there is also an idea I can’t resist – …

tools upcycling wood

Sanding jig

From time to time I need to sand small parts or flatten a workpiece – this jig comes in handy then! Additionally, it can make edge sanding a little easier when equipped with a temporary fence. It’s made of plywood, timber moulding, a few small bolts, washers and wing nuts. All the parts and materials …


Professional mitre gauge with a 16 mm bar

This is the 2nd attempt at improving the mitre gauge for my Bosch table saw. A much larger, heavier, more accurate and equipped with a box joint jig mitre gauge required a bar that would fit into a 16 mm slot. I tried to duplicate the one it came with, changing only the width. My …

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Improved circular saw jig

It’s based on the previous version, but the capacity and functionality are improved. The front and the back pairs of blocks are replaced by longer risers. This is specifically important for the front, where there is no big gap now, and I can cut shorter pieces. Both ends of the workpiece are always supported with …