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Shackle jacket rack

It is built to only hang 4 working clothes: a jacket, trousers, a hoodie and a t-shirt. Scrap wood and old but never used shackles were used for this project. For some reason the original shackle pin was smaller than the M8 bolt, it was 7.3 mm in diameter whereas the bolt was 7.7 mm. …

Bosch GTS 10J Professional

Autumn tools, edition 2019

The most important upgrade to my “shed shop” this year was the new table saw Bosch GTS 10J Professional. I’d watched tons of YouTube videos and read thousands of reviews prior to buying this one. I must say I like this saw! It’s easy to move it from place to place, it’s easy to clean …


Vertical sundial

For this project I used some scrap steel roofing sheet. It only looked bad but in fact it had protective film on it. A couple days prior to that build I printed out the template and tested it. I was very happy with its accuracy. No astronomical knowledge was needed as all the work was …

tools wood

Circular saw jig

It’s made of OSB, steel and spruce timber. Simple and stiff construction, ideal for cutting long pieces of timber such as skirting boards. Cutting at 2 angles: 45 and 90º made easy. First thing to do was to trim the board to length. It was an easy job for my recently bought circular saw. 4 …

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Mini table saw sledge

A must have jig for every woodworker. Due to the limited storage space I decided to build a mini version, with only one, but adjustable runner. I used plywood from my router table top as it wasn’t used very often. First I removed all the plastic caps and then the screws. Using my straight line …

tools wood

Router turning jig

Buying a lathe is not very expensive, but it takes space to store. That was the reason to build that jig. It’s easy to store, and it uses my router table-top. The square log pictured below was another reason that I built this jig. I started with the metal elements. Cutting to length, drilling holes …