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Improved circular saw jig

It’s based on the previous version, but the capacity and functionality are improved. The front and the back pairs of blocks are replaced by longer risers. This is specifically important for the front, where there is no big gap now, and I can cut shorter pieces. Both ends of the workpiece are always supported with …


New Year tools, edition 2022

Christmas presents bought last year have been tested and they can now be reviewed. They are both about drilling – the first one is used on concrete walls, the second one used only for metal, plastic and wood. Semi-professional tools, but they do the job, are easy to use and easy to store. A few …

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Tape holder

Its body was made from a plastic pipe, that was part of an intake/exhaust gas boiler shaft. However, not its origin, but its diameter was more important to me, the pipe could go inside the masking tape roll and surprisingly it could store some insulation tapes inside. The scrap pipe I had was too long, …