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    Summer tools, edition 2021

    The first tool, which is a thickness planer, helps me to get smooth and evenly thick boards in no time. Three other Bosch tools, give me the ability to take them with me anywhere and 3 big batteries last long, so I can be sure the job will be finished. The last one is my 3rd hand in many situations and also serves as a workbench. I’ve always wanted to have this tool, but due to the limited storage space, I couldn’t buy it. Luckily, my storage room has magically stretched and finally, I could purchase this wonderful machine. This…

  • bosch pex 400 ae orbital sander

    Valentine’s Day tools, edition 2021

    This time I’ll present and recommend 4 tools that I use very often in my “shed shop” and around the house. They are essential for my work and I find a hundred uses for them. Here we go: The first tool is my deburring bit aka deburring tool or external chamfer bit. Designed to use with a drill, it has a hex shank which prevents slipping in the chuck. I’ve always thought that these tools were meant to be sharp inside, but this one is completely blunt and still does the job. What I mean is that it’s designed and…

  • Proxxon 28092 Scroll Saw

    New Year tools, edition 2021

    Let me present 2 tools that I bought recently and which are a handy-dandy addition to my tool collection. They make my work easier, faster and more precise. Also, when it comes to cleaning – it takes less time. Speed and ease. Proxxon 28092 Scroll Saw was bought because of 2 reasons – one – it’s Proxxon, which speaks for itself – good quality, good design and very robust; two – it had a square table – love from the 1st sight! When it arrived I had to convert its plug from a 2-pin EU to a 3-pin UK one.…

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    Horizontal belt sanding station

    It works just like a vertical belt sander, that has a tool rest, or a small tilting table, except my sanding station is horizontal and the tool rest doesn’t tilt. It always stays at a 90º angle and it’s rather quite big for a rest. On the other hand, is relatively small for a table. But that’s not a problem, if I need a bigger table I mount the sander in a different position. This setup works great for sanding small parts, I can rest a workpiece vertically, against the wooden block, or keep it flat and still use that…

  • Tools,  Wood

    Finger joint jig

    This is just an attachment for my table saw sledge, it can’t be used on its own. It’s made of scrap, unused and upcycled materials. Very cheap to make and didn’t take much time. It was one of these jigs that had to be made sooner or later as it is quite essential addition to any shop. There will be a new way to join wood, strong joints that also look good. First I removed one corner from the timber block, and that was only done to get the same height as the backing fence it was going to be…

  • Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser Level

    Coronavirus tools, edition 2020

    Originally, the post was titled “Easter tools, edition 2020”, but due to the recent pandemic, the title was changed to make it more memorable. Easter happens every year, pandemic like Covid-19 happens not so often. The tools have nothing to do with the virus, it’s just the time of the year they’re being reviewed. Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser Level is an absolute star. It’s very accurate and super bright. Easy to mount as it comes with a clamp. The traditional approach to mark levels and drilling points was to use a spirit level and a pencil which left marks…

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    Mitre bar replacement

    It looks like only Bosch, Skil and Ryobi make 16 mm slots (5/8″). You can’t buy a high-quality mitre gauge replacement, you have to make it yourself. So I bought a 16 mm mild steel flat bar and made a mitre bar that has no play. The idea was simple – resize the bar from 16.0 mm to 16.3 mm (5/8″ to 41/64″ which is an extra 1/64″) by hammering. The method is not very sophisticated but it worked just fine. I don’t have an anvil so I used a sledgehammer instead. It’s not easy to show the progress in…

  • Tools,  Upcycling,  Wood

    Shackle jacket rack

    It is built to only hang 4 working clothes: a jacket, trousers, a hoodie and a T-shirt. Scrap wood and old but never used shackles were used for this project. For some reason the original shackle pin was smaller than the M8 bolt, it was 7.3 mm in diameter whereas the bolt was 7.7 mm. Not a big problem, I cut another thread in no time. Once that was done I set my portable drill stand and drilled some holes with a Forstner bit and then with a regular bit. Each shackle will be held by just one bolt and…

  • Bosch GTS 10J Professional

    Autumn tools, edition 2019

    The most important upgrade to my “shed shop” this year was the new table saw Bosch GTS 10J Professional. I’d watched tons of YouTube videos and read thousands of reviews prior to buying this one. I must say I like this saw! It’s easy to move from place to place, it’s easy to clean with compressed air, the top is flat, it has a paddle-off switch and the riving knife has the right size and position. On the other hand, it has a very badly designed mitre gauge, and it comes with a terrible blade. Makita TM3000CX4 Oscillating Multi-Tool is…

  • Tools,  Upcycling

    Vertical sundial

    For this project, I used some scrap steel roofing sheets. It only looked bad but in fact, it had a protective film on it. A couple of days prior to that build I printed out the template and tested it. I was very happy with its accuracy. No astronomical knowledge was needed as all the work was done by the script on a website. However, it’s good to know how it works. I glued the template to the sheet with contact adhesive. Using my razor-sharp snips I quickly cut out the shape. Next, I punched some holes and flattened the…