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bosch professional gbl 18V-120 blower

Back-to-school tools, edition 2021

This year, 2021, is about going cordless, at least for me. Many tools and appliances at my household have been changed from noisy and corded to quiet cordless ones. But the noise wasn’t the main reason I did some upgrades. Portability and ease of use, which often means no preparation before the job. In the …

tools wood

Simple weathervane

It’s made from scrap dowels, scrap metal handle and a toolbox divider. If there was need to cut wood, I used a hand saw. The arrow was built first and tested for a couple of weeks, using a temporary stand. It worked great, and I decided to make a proper mount for it. Coincidentally, I …


Summer tools, edition 2021

The first tool, which is a thickness planer, helps me to get smooth and evenly thick boards in no time. Three other Bosch tools, give me the ability to take them with me anywhere and 3 big batteries last long, so I can be sure the job will be finished. The last one is my …

Proxxon 28092 Scroll Saw

New Year tools, edition 2021

Let me present 2 tools that I bought recently and which are a handy-dandy addition to my tool collection. They make my work easier, faster and more precise. Also, when it comes to cleaning – it takes less time. Speed and ease. Proxxon 28092 Scroll Saw was bought because of 2 reasons – one – …

tools wood

Horizontal belt sanding station

It works just like a vertical belt sander, that has a tool rest, or a small tilting table, except for my sanding station is horizontal and the tool rest doesn’t tilt. It always stays at 90º angle and it’s rather quite big for a rest. On the other hand is relatively small for a table. …