bosch pex 400 ae orbital sander

Valentine’s Day tools, edition 2021

This time I’ll present and recommend 4 tools that I use very often in my “shed shop” and around the house. They are essential for my work and I find a hundred uses for them. Here we go:

The first tool is my deburring bit aka deburring tool or external chamfer bit. Designed to use with a drill, it has a hex shank which prevents slipping in the chuck. I’ve always thought that these tools were meant to be sharp inside, but this one is completely blunt and still does the job. What I mean is that it’s designed and made that way, with no sharp cutting edges. It serves well though and has no wear signs so far.

Black & Decker KX2001K-GB heat gun is a tool of exceptional build quality. Of course, it does what any other heat gun would do, but I’m really impressed with the way it’s manufactured. You can use a magnifying glass and not find a single imperfection in its body. Good materials and incredible attention to detail. I use it very often for woodworking, small electrical jobs, a fireplace and outside in my garden. It can generate heat from as little as 50 up to 600 ºC (122 – 1112 °F). Large and flat rear housing helps to place the tool upright on a table to cool down or for hands-free use.

Irwin Record No. 09 1/2 block plane. It’s not about this particular plane, in general having one of them is very helpful. They’re good for cutting end grain, chamfering edges, shaping, finishing and fitting work. Tonnes of uses, all you have to do is to keep a sharp blade in the plane. The one I have is decently built, easy to use, to set, to disassemble and to sharpen.

Bosch PEX 400 AE random orbital sander has replaced my old, basic Metabo FSX 200. This one is way easier to hold and operate, it has 2 handles and also can be used one-handed – held by its top. It’s more powerful, faster and has variable speed control. I like the box which locks the sander and the sanding discs firmly in place and can be stored in any position or handle without any care. It came with a plastic bit, Paper Assistant, that helps to fit the sandpaper. This is actually a very good idea, discs are always perfectly aligned with the pad and holes, dust extraction is better and air circulation is maximized.