This may be the smallest, the lightest and the most delicate project I’ve ever built. Scrap wood pieces I used, were very thin and tiny. However, they were straight, flat and relatively smooth, which made the project easier. Even still, I had a chance to practise skills and learn something new. It turned out very good, but the feature I like the most, is the large space for ashes.

I cut pieces to size using an oscillating tool. Sanding was also done with the same tool. That was the last time I used it, it was sold the next day, I’ve never really found it handy and it was a terrible tool for sanding. It always tended to melt sanding sheets. Anyway, I glued all 3 pieces together and let the glue dry overnight. The walls weren’t flush with the bottom on purpose, I left a little lip, that was easy to sand down, because the original rounded over edge wasn’t smooth enough and needed rework.

The next day I did some hand sanding. I drilled a small hole in the dowel and then I cut it at an angle using my new tenon saw. I removed any saw marks with sandpaper, glued the holder down and let it dry for 1 – 2 hours. I finished the tray with a coat of boiled linseed oil.

Due to its shape it’s easy to clean it, the tray can be simply emptied out and wiped with a paper towel, if need be. The good thing, for lazy people, is that it doesn’t have to be cleaned after each use – it has enough room for a few burnt sticks. 4 pieces of wood, joined with nothing but glue, easy to make and a great present idea.