Father’s Day tools, edition 2024

Coincidentally, all the tools in this review are from Ryobi, a brand with a reputation that may vary based on the tests conducted and the reviewers. This brief review covers three tools powered by removable and USB rechargeable 4-volt batteries. These tools – or perhaps gadgets – have performed well, and I am satisfied with their performance. Surprisingly the cutter is the most used tool – not even in the workshop, but in the kitchen. Who would have thought? One of the batteries I use, which is not 2 Ah but 3 Ah, doubles as a power bank. I couldn’t believe a 4-volt battery can charge a 5-volt USB device, but it works perfectly fine and charges my phone fast.

The idea of a removable battery, that stays in the tool most of the time, is an excellent choice for these little tools. A flashlight has to have its own, dedicated battery and be always ready to use. That is the principle of a perfect flashlight. I need it, I grab it. The step of installing a battery prior to use would be unnecessary here, it would change everything for worse. The Ryobi RLP4-120G 4V Cordless Pivoting Light is also splash-proof, which may come in handy when you go for a walk at night and it’s raining. This is a very powerful flashlight, it produces 625 lumens and has 3 brightness modes. Luckily 3, because sometimes it’s just too bright and blinding when used in its highest settings. I like its magnetic base and the pivoting head helps to light up exactly what I need. I don’t use the red laser often, but that doesn’t mean I never will. It’s good to have one, just in case. The on/off button doesn’t perform like new anymore and must be pressed hard and deep. That may be the weakest part of the tool.

The Ryobi RCF4-0 9 cm Fan has been primarily used in the workshop during the warmer months, it also served a purpose in winter to stoke up the fire in the fireplace. Compact and silent, it provides air circulation and cooling when working in an overheated shed. Additionally, it proves invaluable when applying odorous finishes, ensuring proper ventilation. During sanding, it effectively blows out the dust, sparing me from the need to wear a mask in addition to hearing protection and goggles.

The Ryobi RCT4-120G 4V Cordless Cutting Tool is a daily essential, for kitchen use and for other household tasks. It’s ideal for opening packages – effortlessly slices through plastic and cardboard without any trouble. I don’t use scissors anymore, just this tool. During use, it has to be lightly pushed along the cutting line, it doesn’t grab the material and pull you forward, oh no. It’s controllable. The blade is self-sharpening but easy to replace when needed. Among these 3 tools, this one has been used the most and I regret not buying it sooner.

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