table saw tray with castors
Tools,  Upcycling,  Wood

Table saw tray

Its purpose is to facilitate putting the saw back in place after use and to move it with ease around the shed. Steel and wood along with 4 castors make the frame.

Quick planing first.

Cutting to length.

Drilling holes in wood and metal. Making sure everything is square. Temporary M8 bolts and a socket wrench were used to check if the castors can be easily installed.

I totally forgot about this curved edge. The assembly will be held together with 7 bolts, not 8.

Looks good even without the castors.

Applying wood oil wasn’t necessary but I couldn’t leave it without any finish.

I had to shorten the castor legs, my bolt cutter and the DIYed grinding station did the job perfectly.

All 4 castors can be individually blocked to keep the table saw in place during work. This really works, no problems whatsoever.

And this is the saw in its storage location. Easy to move in and out.

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