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USB LED lamp

This lamp replaced my x-mas lights in a bottle one, as it simply burned out after 2 ½ years of use. The project involved cutting a new bottle and making a wooden base for it. The old bottle finished its life in a recycling bin, it was time to try alternative methods and approaches to making bottle lamps. The challenge was always about inserting a wire through the glass or placing it into the glass (bottle) in a nice and only way, which was from the bottom. There were no safety features to be concerned with because it was using a USB-powered strip with 5V electric current. So I had a plan and materials. I started by cutting the bottle and gave it decent sanding. Not too crazy, but good enough to call it nice work!

To make the base I used scrap wood. I used 2 hole saws and the bigger one had to go from both sides as it was too small for that piece of timber. The smaller one cut only a groove for chiselling. I removed all the waste with a chisel, and I was really surprised at how efficient that method was! Quick sanding was the last thing to do and the base was ready.

Well, almost ready. I still had to cut a groove for the cable. I used a router and a utility knife. I also prepared the grommet to get a professional look. To finish the wood I used a simple and easy approach – teak oil. Once the finish dried I installed a white rubber band. The base had to be pushed into the bottle and slightly turned to the left or right. That made a very strong connection because, unlike the base, the bottle wasn’t perfectly round, at least inside. I was surprised at how well that worked! A super simple yet effective way to connect glass with wood.

I used hot glue to secure the cable to the base. That made a quite strong but not permanent connection. If the cable needs to be replaced in the future, the glue can be removed with a small screwdriver and applied again. The cable/strip I used was 5 metres long (16.5′) but it could be twice as long and still squeezed into the bottle with a little force.

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