Upcycling & DIY


Post on runners, a stand

Simple construction and the look that matches my other projects in the room, i.e. my pedestal table and the cascade shelf. I used scraps to build this platform, some of them were even pre-finished with lacquer. I didn’t want to remove that finish from them, but also wanted to treat the charred wood with oil. …


Towel shelf

Designed for use with hand towels, each rolled up and suspended onto 2 dowels. A light duty construction made with good quality materials and simple enough to not overwhelm the beauty of fresh towels. It’s built to stay in the background, not showing its structure and playing the supporting and not the leading role. I …


Simple incense stick holder

This may be the smallest, the lightest and the most delicate project I’ve ever built. Scrap wood pieces I used, were very thin and tiny. However, they were straight, flat and relatively smooth, which made the project easier. Even still, I had a chance to practise skills and learn something new. It turned out very …