Upcycling & DIY


Stringer-to-skirting transition blocks

There was always something visually missing between the stringer and the skirting boards, they were simply installed directly beside each other regardless of their shapes. But that was about to change and the stairs were getting an upgraded look. I made 2 transition blocks, slightly thicker than the stringer to create a reveal, I also …

upcycling wood

Shelf on a cliff

It started as a simple, heavy-duty, chunky outdoor shelf, but it quickly became a project that couldn’t exist on its own. It was just too ugly. Because of the opening underneath it, all of its structure was exposed and it needed to be masked. I decided to use the decorative little fence I made just …


Radiator shelf

The purpose of this shelf was to fill out an empty space above the radiator, if it was hung somewhere else it’d have a different name. Shelves are the most common and frequent projects that I make. None of them is the same, they’re always unique. Their names have to be unique too. This is …