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Polish vodka bottle cut

This vodka is the best and the most famous Polish vodka. It’s yummy, which is quite unusual! Bittersweet, herbal taste. I remembered to remove the cap during the “glass cracking” part. I must say the first (buying + drinking) and the second part (cutting + cracking) of the project went very smooth. The cut glass …


Cut Kahlua bottle

Buying, drinking, cutting and polishing – several steps to get a perfect flower pot. Very unique and rare. A perfect gift for someone you care about. First thing to do was to score a line with my homemade jig. Then the usual – cold and boiling water to crack the glass. Sanding the outside edges …

glass wood

Cylindrical tealight holders

Quite simple project that involved turning an old balustrade post, cracked and riddled and cutting wine bottles. I used my recently built router turning jig to turn one cylinder, slightly bigger in diameter as that was reduced later on by sanding. I noticed that there is actually no need to rotate the piece all the …


Sandeman glass

It’s another porto glass – slightly bigger than the last one and dedicated for different use. Separating bottom from top is always a big question mark. It worked this time. The process of making a glass like this involves buying a bottle and emptying it – these steps are very satisfying too! I don’t like …


Bottleneck vessel

In order to cut the bottle I had to set the glass cutter at an angle. That gave me good access to the bottle neck. This jig has many limitations due to the way it’s built and fixed to the wall. Cutting was easy and fast, the bottle cracked as planned and the labels came …


Cognac glass

Cutting the bottle was easy and fast. Additionally, when I was cracking the bottle with boiling and cold water, the labels came off themselves. Didn’t expect that. Sanding with 40 grit sandpaper was next. It was a good idea to clean the sandpaper with a little brush. Rough edges were slowly transformed into smooth and …