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Cognac glass

Cutting the bottle was easy and fast. Additionally, when I was cracking the bottle with boiling and cold water, the labels came off themselves. Didn’t expect that. Sanding with 40 grit sandpaper was next. It was a good idea to clean the sandpaper with a little brush. Rough edges were slowly transformed into smooth and …


Champagne bottle

In order to cut the bottle in the middle of its neck, I had to keep the bottle upside down. It’s shown in this post (Slim flower vase) how difficult it is to get access to the bottleneck when the bottle is in upright position. That setup had some limitations, however, it was useful for …


Slim flower vase

Cutting the bottle didn’t take long. Removing the label, that’s something I don’t like. But first things first. Cutting the bottle in the shed and finishing it in the kitchen – using boiling and cold water. I used several discs to smooth it out from the top and the outside. Once that was done I …


X-mas lights in a bottle

Preparation: unbreakable bench, garden hose, drill bit and the drill guide – everything staying secure in place. 6 mm hole with sharp edges has to be covered with a grommet. Bottle – washed, stickers – removed. Time to install the lights. Shrink tubing in the same colour as the cord. Cable tie will prevent the …


Slender vase

Quite unusual wine bottle with capacity of 500 ml (instead of 750 ml). It’s perfect for a small, slender flower vase. Usually it’s easy to cut bottles because glass cutter is perpendicular to the bottle, but in this case I had to struggle a little harder. Boiling and cold water finished the job. 5 grits …


Green and golden t-light holder

Cutting the bottle was easy as always, but sanding was extremely quick and easy. I used 4 different grits of sandpaper for the outer edges and just 1 grit for the inside ones. It looks quite decent. There is no need to go crazy with sanding in this project. This edge will be always faced …