Polish table makeover

The original shape looked a little heavy, especially the legs. I also wasn’t happy with the tabletop mount. These 2 things had to be changed – the shape of leg supports and the position and thickness of tabletop supports.

Disassembly was easy with the proper tools. Once completed I set my straight line jig and the table saw.

I removed the chamfer from the top and then I cut grooves using my router table fence.

Driving 8 large screws was quick and easy, then I sanded down the high spots (both wood and metal) using a belt sander.

I made a template for the legs. A jigsaw and a sander did most of the job, but I also used a hammer to remove some wood – that’s why I bought a straight claw hammer.

Using a template router bit I cut out the new shape.

I did some rasping and sanding to get out the new lines. It was very helpful to use the belt sander freehand. And again, the flap at the front can be lifted up which is extremely helpful.

The tabletop will be attached later on, just to make the painting step a little easier. But just like the first time, I used spray lacquer first, then the colours.

The White Eagle is the national coat of arms of Poland, and when the table is upside down these 4 legs look like 4 eagle heads.

I’m very pleased with how this table turned out. It looks light but it’s still well-balanced.

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