Makita TD0101F impact driver

Summer tools, edition 2018

Makita TD0101F impact driver. Yes, it’s corded and very noisy! The sound pressure level is 90 dB. The Max fastening torque is 100 Nm. But, what’s most important – it’s ready to go right after unboxing. There is no need to charge it. I really like this feature, I don’t mind a few cables under my feet. What they are is constant, consistent and invincible power.

This impact driver can be equipped with a hook, its bumper is fluorescent and it has a working light. It’s well built and it’s working well – Makita, the name speaks for itself.

Now – not seriously but humorously – 2 in 1, a bottle opener and a meter box key. I can complete 2 quite important tasks with them. These are used after work when I can open a bottle of cider and then realize that I need to submit my meter readings. This set also has a screwdriver, but it’s been never used.