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Large bits router table top

I already have a router tabletop, but this one is slightly different. It can be used with large router bits – cutting head of 2 inches in diameter (50 mm). This big cutting head means a different router base. The trimmer base was too small for large bits, luckily the plunge base can handle bits of nearly 64 mm in diameter.

Cutting the plywood was the first thing to do. Due to the size of the base I also had to trim the workbench. First with the jigsaw, then with the router. That was the first time I used a plunge router, and I loved it!

My new hole saw cut a perfect hole, I’m not gonna use cheap hole saw sets anymore. This one was like easy peasy japanesey, clean cut. These hole saws are worth their price.

Drilling holes for bolts and routing a recess from the top – for bolt heads and washers.

These 2 bolts needed another recess as well.

I rounded the corners and installed some snap caps.

Everything fits perfectly. I used a medium-sized router bit and a fence to check if the new tabletop would do its job.

Very happy with how this project came out. Using large router bits is a must from time to time. This tabletop will make it possible – not easy I must say – everyone knows that setting up a plunge router base with a table is not easy – but it can be done!

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