Charred half log stand

It’s made from a single piece of hardwood, sycamore (maple) tree that I cut down last year in my backyard. It’s charred with shou sugi ban, it’s waxed and it has 3 legs.

I had to make sure that the wood will char nicely before I started the project. It did so I set up my router flattening jig. Due to the height of the material I used my workbench legs as the rails. The top and the bottom are parallel to each other. Also, the legs are at 90º to the base. I removed some material with a router and finished the grooves with a chisel.

Next, I cut the legs to size and broke the sharp edges with a file.

Once I charred the wood I realised that it could be a good idea to remove the bark! I used a small axe and then fired up my blowtorch again.

With a nylon brush, I prepared the wood for waxing. Once waxed I used my heat gun to melt down any excess. The angle brackets I used were originally countersunk from the other side, so I couldn’t use countersunk screws. I drove pocket hole screws instead.

The log irregular shapes are supported by perfectly fitted legs. Now I can use it for my cylindrical tealight holders and my green and golden t-light holder.

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