Quick bowl

To cut out the disc I used 1 flush trim router bit, 2 base plates and reversed parallel fence. The first cut was done halfway through to prepare the groove for the bearing, which was obviously the same size as the bit.

Once I had the disc done I reversed the parallel fence to its original setup, I swapped the base plates and installed my bowl router bit. I took a couple of passes for the outside groove and then I used my plunge base to remove the centrepiece.

I flipped the bowl over and used a round-over bit for the bottom. That again involved swapping the plates.

And now the moment I’ve been waiting for – the proper shou-sugi-ban, using a blow torch and real flames.

It dint’s take long to burn the wood. The edge was consumed by the flames in one place and it looked a little like an ashtray. I removed the char with nylon brushes and applied some wax.

I love these details and colours, a perfect and natural combination of black, brown and amber.

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