Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser Level

Coronavirus tools, edition 2020

Originally, the post was titled “Easter tools, edition 2020”, but due to the recent pandemic, the title was changed to make it more memorable. Easter happens every year, pandemic like Covid-19 happens not so often. The tools have nothing to do with the virus, it’s just the time of the year they’re being reviewed.

Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser Level is an absolute star. It’s very accurate and super bright. Easy to mount as it comes with a clamp. The traditional approach to mark levels and drilling points was to use a spirit level and a pencil which left marks on walls. This is the next level with less mess and better accuracy.

Bosch Professional Tape Measure 5 m replaced my old Tactix tape measure ’cause it has 2 stop buttons and it’s all metric. Easy handling thanks to the magnetic hook and measuring markings printed on both sides. Extremely robust due to the rubberised, impact-resistant ABS housing and durable nylon-coated steel tape.

Bosch Detector Truvo is a must-have tool for a DIY-er. It does everything you can expect from a wall detector – it detects ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and live cables. Pick up and go, one-button operation and automatic calibration. The LED traffic light system lights up red when an object has been detected, yellow when one is close, and green when all is clear. The visual feedback is accompanied by a helpful acoustic warning signal. It’s also super light and easy to store due to its compact size.

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