Drawer-like display case

I had some scrap wood on hand, lime I believe. The acrylic glass was ordered ages ago for another project. Quick sanding to smooth it out, followed by rip cutting etc, etc …

My DIYed box joint jig was adjusted and used to cut the joints. I’m not very happy with how it worked, there was some wrapped and twisted wood, some differences in thickness and tear outs. The jig is not working with the material I use, it’s been tried and now it’s going bye-bye.

Glueing together, tons of clamping force and plenty of glue. Workbench blocks (red ones) were used to get it square. These worked as extra clamps.

Clamps were removed after 1.5 hours. Once completely dried it was ready for sanding.

Rabbeting router bit was used to cut through the back of the box.

Cutting plastic sheets followed by drilling holes and making sure they’re countersunk. I really didn’t enjoy cutting plastic because of the smell and the waste.

Sawtooth picture hangers were fixed to the plastic back with rivets. They won’t scratch the wall.

Hole in the top of the box – wine corks will be inserted through it. Drilling and back to the router table. The cover fits like a glove.

Final sanding and preparing for painting.

Spray paint was applied in the garden.

The box joint jig was disassembled and used to hold the cover during painting.

What beautiful colours!

Surprisingly the spray paint has reached everywhere inside the hole. However, there is some paint to be removed from the outside of the box. Quick sanding will do.

Acrylic glass is cut with a hacksaw and holes are drilled with a special adapter.

Drilling has left some marks on the surface, so it has to be sprayed again. Not a big problem as the round cover has to be painted from the other side anyway.

Applying spray lacquer in the meantime.

It’s drying very quickly, which means the blue paint can be applied this afternoon – with the door closed ’cause the day is very windy.

A few more things had to be done before hanging it on the wall. It will be hung beside the thermostat just to save some space for future projects.

It’s hard to take pictures in the dark so I used a desk lamp. The contents and the view from the top:

This box is made of pallet wood and plastic. The knob was bought a few years ago, coincidentally it is the same wood as the box. Shelf support pegs came in a pack of 12, luckily for me – there were no leftovers. I’m very happy with how this drawer thing looks on the wall, even now as it’s partially filled with corks.

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