Sanding, grinding, cutting and sharpening – one station does it all. Same table different attachments.

Graphite 59 G392, 800 Watt belt sander that uses 3″ x 18″ belts (75 x 457 mm) is a perfect choice when it comes to mounting it to a table, both vertical and horizontal position. The sander features DSS system which means that the front flap can be lifted up to expose the roller. That was the reason I bought this one.

Sharpening knives: a simple tool rest using a vice and a metal bar. All it takes to get a perfect angle is to lower or rise the bar in the vise. Also the jig has a plastic ring that can be moved back and forth.

Sanding belts – 2 grits – 400 and 800. They do a decent job or maybe even more than decent, good looking bevel and sharpness that lasts longer.

Using medium or coarse sanding belts to sharpen axes and lawnmower blades.

Different orientation (vertical) for sanding wood. Making sure it is square to the table. Hole in the bench facilitates insertion of the clamp. Also for tricky corners – the roller can be exposed.

Angle grinder for cutting or grinding metal – using different discs. The mounting mechanism is very simple but it works well.

If the angle grinder is not working there’s always an other option – my belt sander and its super quick clamping system. For bigger jobs I use hinges and bolts.