Yet another project from the series of The Wall Heads. This one is simple, it has a moustache and a beard. No hair though, thus the name – Egghead. I really like making them, they’re very original and let me practice skills, create projects with no plans (on the go) and upcycle expendable hardware. It’s also very enjoyable, and it takes a lot of time – a process of thinking their names up.

I started by cutting a beard. I used a finger joint router bit and the trick was to use different techniques for each side. Side one – simply push, side two – reverse the workpiece, plunge cut and push. I also left a little lip, that was cut off later on and made my work safer.

I cut the dowel in half over my bandsaw. I also shaped “the head” a little. Next, all the pieces were sanded with my belt sander. I fixed “the eyes” with wood glue, no clamps, and after a longer while I drilled holes for the foot and the hanger. As the last time, I used the same spacing which was about 29 mm from the top – that way it would be easier to align them in a straight line on the wall. The same day I applied the 1st coat of boiled linseed oil and did some wet sanding, while the oil was still wet. This is a real game changer, the surface becomes super smooth and very nice to the touch. I usually use very fine sandpaper, grits of 400 – 600. The 2nd and the last coat was applied after 2 -3 days and the Egghead was ready for the moustache, which was a pair of metal hooks. The holes were marked just before the sanding so it was very straightforward and easy, just to screw them in.

It’s called Egghead, but when it’s placed next to Whoa-O Cacao they look like husband and wife, in a wedding scene. The black one is wearing a suit and the white one – a wedding dress. That wasn’t my intention and I perceive them as heads and not figures.

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