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upcycling wood

Decorative little fence

Like a full-size fence, that one also comprised pickets, rails and posts. It was made of scrap wood, but not any wood – those very offcuts came from the building of a real fence. 13 mini pickets in total, 4 of them were longer and served as posts that could be set in the ground. …

upcycling wood

Corbel shelf

Both corbels are made from upcycled material, but I saved some time by buying a board for the top instead of making it myself. The shelf is put together with dowels and glue and that way there are no visible fasteners, not to mention its mounting brackets that are also hidden from sight. The corbels …

upcycling wood

Reusing a cracked chopping board

It was a beautiful, bamboo chopping board, unfortunately, due to the heat and moisture, it cracked along 2 lines. I didn’t want to reglue it because it looked perfect for some small projects and experiments. I made what I needed in my household – a simple coaster and a soap tray. There was still some …

upcycling wood

Over-engineered metal-free box

This box is made out of 100% upcycled materials, the walls and the bottom of this box are veneered chipboard sheets, reclaimed material that came from an unwanted piece of furniture. Solid timber corners were made in the past, using a router and 2 common bits, I made a few of them and they were …

upcycling wood

Half-lap picture frames

There are a few advantages of using half-lap joints instead of mitre joints in picture frames. They’re easy to make, they’re strong and don’t require any reinforcements, their appearance is attractive, there are no inconsistent and widening gaps in joints over time and they’re easy to clamp during the glue-up process. The timber used in …

upcycling wood

On-ground decking

I am not sure if I can call it decking, it’s just a platform lying directly on the ground. All the boards are connected with a steel banding, so I guess I can call it a platform. Of course, decking can be laid on the ground, but usually not as directly as mine. In most …